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So you've seen a psychiatrist and are reasonably satisfied with your medication for bipolar.
What else can you do?

See a therapist for bipolar disorder


How therapy can help bipolar disorder:

  • In therapy, you can learn a wide range of skills to help manage bipolar disorder (see below).

  • A therapist will help you track your moods and functioning over time.

  • It's stressful to live with a chronic condition and therapy allows you to process that stress.

There are resources to find a qualified therapist in your state.

  • has a "Find a Therapist" feature. Make sure to filter by condition and select "bipolar disorder". 

  • Check your insurance website or give them a call

  • Ask your doctor/psychiatrist

SKILLS for managing bipolar disorder that you can learn in therapy: social rhythms, cognitive restructuring, psychoeducation, circadian rhythm stabilization, symptom recognition and relapse prevention, stigma work, mindfulness, understanding medication and medication compliance, radical acceptance, family communication skills...the list goes on!

Other ways to get help

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