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Photo of Andrea Vassilev smiling.


About me:

I wear many hats in life: I'm a Doctor of Psychology, a  psychotherapist, the creator of an original self-stigma program for bipolar disorder, a writer, a speaker, an academic, and a passionate mental health advocate. In everything, I am someone who lives with bipolar disorder.

I work as a therapist in California (registered psychological associate #PSB94027787) under the supervision of a licensed clinical psychologist, Dr. Adam Sternberg PSY18412. Services can be provided in his practice.

All of these serve my mission of bettering the lives of people (like me) living with mental health conditions.

My passion is to help others with bipolar and other mood and anxiety disorders live their best lives.

-"Dr. V"

I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities to collaborate and give back.

Let's connect.

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